Become the most
succesful booth
at the trade fair

We build the trade fair booth,
you build your network.

Standing out with your trade fair booth doesn’t happen by chance. It requires knowledge, attention, and time. If you miss one of these three pillars,there’s a good chance that you won’t make the most of your trade fair day.

At Standis, we support you where you need it. Whether you want us to brainstorm about a marketing setup or need assistance with printing and video edits, we’re here to help.

Decide for yourself how much time and worry you save.

We take care of various aspects to ease your burden. You can entrust us with the planning and design of the trade fair booth either entirely or partially. We collaborate on defining the purpose of the trade fair and assess foot traffic to determine hotspots. We thrive on quick decision-making, so we connect you with an experienced point of contact. Meanwhile, we distribute the tasks among our talented team, allowing you to focus stress-free on shaping your trade fair day.

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In a nutshell


Design your trade fair booth in your own style


Marketing materials/marketing setup


Setup and dismantling on the trade fair day


Trade fair attire and printing materials


Video edits on screens


Feedback moments with your dedicated contact person


Cost savings through sustainable relationships

What to expect

Booth construction from a branding perspective

Realistic 3D renders

Marketing actions

Promotional items, printing, giveaways

Hospitality/ Catering

Trade show attire

Strategic long-term thinking


The  winning formula

Phase 1


Who will we be working with? What is the goal of the trade fair, and what budget is available? We assess if there could be a match!

Phase 2


We create a quote and a 3D design. Does it work for you, does it fit, and does it meet your requirements? We brainstorm until everyone is happy, and then we start planning.

Phase 3


The entire trade fair construction package is prepared in our workshop. We cut, glue, spray, paint, and get the package ready for transport.

Phase 4


A team of technicians and muscle is on-site to assemble the trade fair booth, allowing your team to get to work immediately upon arrival.

Phase 5


Take a breather… and debrief! After the trade fair, we’re happy to come by for a thorough evaluation. We’ll focus on what went well, what could be improved, and potentially start planning for the next trade fair together.

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